Soundproof Phone Booth

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Dimensions 1000 × 900 × 2230 cm


The Hush Phone Booth radically improves the convenience of work for the entire office. It protects the privacy of conversations, markedly reduces noise and, as a result, improves the general mood, since everyone can feel more relaxed.

In creating a space for phone calls in the office, we introduce harmony and cut down the level of noise.

The source of sound – the conversation – is shut within Hush Phone, improving everyone’s working environment.

Hush Phone is something that should be close to people, and so we always try to position it in spaces accessible to everyone.

We also consider the fact that no one can really predict what their offices are going to look like in a year or two. We designed Hush Phone such that it can be moved around the office without the need to disassemble it.

Private Phone Booths

Phone Calls

Keep calls private and keep a quiet workplace.

Video Discussions

Making webcam meetings or hangouts undisturbed.


Have your own mini recording studio with quiet atmosphere.


Have your own private meeting room with nobody listening.

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