Soundproof Meeting Pod

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Dimensions 2150 × 1390 × 2300 cm


Colours are emotions, character and expression: this is why Hush Meet is available in 40 different interior colours! The cover is available in universal black and white, rendering it fit for any office.

Case Colour: Cosmos Grey
Column Colour: Cosmos Grey
Back Glass Colour: Clear
Fabric Colour (back panel and armrest): WOOL Silver 03 (TSI)
Fabric Colour (other fabric elements): WOOL Pelikan 57 (TPC)
Frame Colour: Grey
Table Top Colour: White
Cableway: Yes
Type of Power Module: Australian
Type of Foam: Non Flammable

Shipping Crate Dimensions: L 2250mm x W 1674mm x H 1242mm
Dimensions: W 2150mm x D 1390mm x H 2300mm

Your meeting, your way
– Anti-collision door manifestation
– Toughened acoustic glass with high quality handle
– Door within the aluminium frame includes an acoustic seal
– Acoustic lined fabric panels
– Leveling feet
– Led ceiling light with dimmer
– Ventilation system activated by a presence sensor
– Option to hang a TV screen on the central panel
– Power module (Power + USB + RJ45)
– Two upholstered benches
– Possibility to move without disassembly

Private Phone Booths

Phone Calls

Keep calls private and keep a quiet workplace.

Video Discussions

Making webcam meetings or hangouts undisturbed.


Have your own mini recording studio with quiet atmosphere.


Have your own private meeting room with nobody listening.